It is one of the leading Belarusian consulting companies that provides a range of services to support and develop the foreign economic activity of the Republic of Belarus, and also provides comprehensive support during procurement procedures.
The Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 5229 dated November 7, 2017 “On measures to radically improve the management system of the pharmaceutical industry” in order to improve the conditions for the development of pharmaceutical activities, further increase the level of provision of the population and healthcare institutions with affordable, high-quality medicines, medical products and medical equipment, introduction of a unified system for coordinating their production, import and sale.
Photon Fly Production Association LLC FotonFLY brand is a Russian manufacturer of LED shadowless surgical lights.
Our products are developed in close cooperation with operating surgeons and meet the high requirements of doctors for light quality, design reliability and ease of use.
We use only LEDs specialized for medical lighting, which allow the light to have a high, correct color rendering index, with a sufficient margin of brightness for any operation.
The expertly selected number of LEDs, the ease of adjustment and the uniformity of the light field guarantee a comfortable light while taking care of the eyesight of doctors.
A number of lamp models are equipped with a high-resolution video camera with a video recording function, which allows you to record the progress of the operation.
After assembly, each luminaire dome is tested for 24 hours. We are confident in the quality of our products and provide a 36-month warranty.
Rudez LLC is a Russian manufacturing company that has been producing high-quality professional and household disinfection and skin care products under the Abacterial® trademark for 10 years. In our work, we use the experience of the world's leading manufacturers, the latest scientific achievements in the field of sanitation and raw materials from the largest chemical concerns. Production, research laboratory, warehouse and logistics center are located in the Moscow region, from where the company's products are supplied to all regions of Russia, the CIS countries and the Eurasian Economic Union.
Diarcy Commercial and Industrial Group (R.O.C.S.) is a Russian company, one of the leaders in the production of innovative oral care products, cosmetics, medical devices, ingredients and pharmaceutical substances. The company has obtained over 50 product formula patents worldwide. It has two modern production sites in Russia and three scientific laboratories. Member of the Skolkovo program. An active participant in programs to support manufacturers in the Moscow Region. It manufactures and distributes products under the brands R.O.C.S., Lapikka, Gerpenoks, Argakol, Ivomed, FEMEGYL.
The synergy of the Noris Medical team results in cutting-edge products and outstanding systems that benefit both dentists and patients.
Every new product and system that is developed is equipped with the comprehensive peripheral equipment required for a successful implementation.

Noris Medical offers prompt customer support and continuing professional education to the global community of dental surgeons and technicians.
With many years of collective professional experience, Noris Medical is committed to providing the highest quality products and systems based on sound engineering principles and best manufacturing practices.
Noris Medical improves the lives of dentists and patients around the world with cutting-edge technology in dental implant systems.
Online store of dental burs Komet Dental
Eurofile company specializes in the production of products for dentistry.
Our fully automated plant is a model of production, equipped according to the most modern European standards.
Our customers appreciate the quality and are pleasantly surprised by the price of all our products.

Buying Eurofile tools, you get excellent European quality at normal reasonable prices!
Firm "Kolechko" is one of the oldest companies with private capital in the Russian market of dental equipment.
The company was founded back in 1988 at the dawn of the start of business and was engaged in both the sale of medical products and medical and diagnostic activities.
The first commercial name of the organization was - "Consultative and medical cooperative". Subsequently, this name was reduced and transformed into KoLechKo LLC.
Already in the early years of its existence, the company independently engaged in the import of dental equipment and materials from various countries in Europe, America and Asia.
Over the years of its long-term activity, Kolechko has established itself as a reliable supplier of medical products with an impeccable reputation, having successfully survived all crises and economic shocks.
Фирма «ЭУР-МЕД Денталдепо» была основана в апреле 1995 года. Компания является официальным дистрибьютором производителей стоматологического оборудования и расходных материалов: Diplomat Dental, DENSIM, ICANCLAVE, LM Instrumens, MEGADENTA, Bausch, Ekom, Bien-Air, Polirapid, Saint-Gobain Formula, Kenda и производителем товаров под собственной маркой:
  • ЭУРМЕД - стоматологических наконечников и инструментов;
  • ДЕНЕСТ - зуботехнического воска и абразивного материала.
Главным направлением в деятельности фирмы является продажа стоматологического оборудования и запасных частей, работы по монтажу и сервисному обслуживанию оборудования, а также продажа расходных материалов. За эти годы фирма ЭУР-МЕД Денталдепо приобрела уникальный опыт для реализации задач любой сложности от продажи отдельных приборов до клиники «под ключ».